John T. Kulha: Petrophysical Consultant
"Providing Technology and Experience"                
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John T. Kulha has been providing consulting services to the oil and gas industry since 1980.  John has developed expertise in petrophysics, petroleum engineering and log/seismic calibration. As key member of multi-discipline teams, an independent consultant, an extension of his client's staff, or together with other specialized consulting groups, John has worked on projects ranging from production oriented, property valuation through integrated basin exploration plays. John’s extensive experience and focus of his new company includes:

Integrated multi-discipline field studies to determine reserves, development and step-out locations, secondary recovery potential, unitization, property valuation and improved evaluation technology

Basin analysis directed toward, field/property acquisition, exploration potential and bypassed opportunities

Single-well or field wide petrophysical evaluation focusing on rock/log petrophysical calibration, complex rock/log evaluation, low contrast/low resistivity evaluation and multi-discipline integration.

His experience in all major producing basins in North America, the North Sea, Africa, South America, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and China. Over the last ten years, John has been involved with ongoing in-house and industry-sponsored seminars emphasizing integrated petrophysical techniques with special interests in low resistivity, low contrast pays.

John T. Kulha

John has over twenty-eight years experience in petroleum engineering studies related to exploration, reserve determination and property acquisition. John worked for Loren and Associates, Inc. for eighteen years after working seven years with various Shell companies. He integrates his petroleum engineering background and geoscience experience in projects such as reserve-oriented field reviews, secondary/tertiary recovery candidate review, 3-D seismic directed exploration and development and identifying bypassed pay opportunities. John is a recognized authority in the identification and evaluation of low resistivity, low contrast (LRLC) pays. He has presented seminars worldwide to energy companies, professional societies, and academe on petrophysics, LRLC pay evaluation, and reservoir characterization. John has also provided expert witness testimony at the Texas Railroad Commission and for other judicial courts.


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