Robert M. Sneider Exploration, Inc., started in November, 1981 as an outgrowth of Sneider & Meckel Associates, Inc. For the past 21 years, our goal has been to add value to companies by finding new opportunities through the application of integrated geological-geophysical-petrophysical and petroleum engineering techniques.

Since 1974, we have found or helped find more than 60 fields in the USA, Canada and Australia and purchased more than 45 marginal fields that became very profitable as a result of field extensions, infill wells and workovers. The group has been responsible for the investment of over 1.7 billion US dollars in property acquisition.

We have the experience and expertise to conduct exploration in frontier or mature areas, and field development or re-development studies. We specialize in the evaluation of reservoir rocks, flow barriers and seals from cuttings, cores integrated with log response and seismic. We have experience using 3-D seismic for field studies, and currently use a Sun workstation and Landmark programs for the 3-D seismic work.


Dr. Robert M. Sneider

Bob, president of the company, has over 40 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He was a partner in Sneider and Meckel Associates, Inc. (1974-1981), a geological, geophysical and petroleum engineering consulting and exploration company. His company, with Canadian Hunter Exploration, Ltd., discovered the giant Elmworth-Deep Basin Gas Area of Western Canada. Bob also spent over seventeen years with Shell Oil and Shell Development in reservoir geology of sandstone and carbonate reservoirs, application of well logs in geology, reservoir geophysics and technical training of exploration and production geologists, geophysicists, and engineers. Bob has been a distinguished lecturer for the AAPG, PESA and SPE and has been active in these and other professional organizations. Bob has taught courses worldwide on development geology, petrophysics, exploration methods and team building. He has a Ph.D. in geology and mining engineering.


Dr. John S. Sneider

John S. Sneider has over eleven years of exploration and development experience in Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, the North Sea, the Middle East, Gulf Coast and Permian basin, USA. He has generated exploration prospects for major and independent oil companies, and conducted exploration and exploitation studies using geological, geophysical and petrophysical concepts and methodology. John has been involved in building multi-disciplinary teams. He teaches the AAPG’s "Development Geology and Reservoir Management" with Robert M. Sneider. John received his Master degree from Texas A&M University and his Doctorate degree from Rice University.

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