"Quality Interpretation for Quality Prospects"

Our Background

The staff at Interpretation3 has varied experience in many basins worldwide.
We have exploration, exploitation, and production experience. This experience is in extensional and compressional structural regimes with both siliciclastic and carbonate reservoirs.

Recent Studies and Recent Publications

We have knowledge with various techniques
Mapping of structurally and stratigraphically complex reservoirs.
Integrating geophysical, geological, petrophysical and engineering data.
Structural mapping of leads, prospects and fields to help determine prospectivity and commerciality.
Evaluation and analysis of seismic amplitudes.
Seismic sequence stratigraphic studies, and seismic facies analyses.

Dan Shaughnessy
In 1972 Dan Shaughnessy began his career acquiring, processing, and interpreting seismic data from the Eastern USA and Western Africa. Since then he has done seismic stratigraphy / facies studies in Southern Alaska, Newfoundland, Texas, Norway, Angola, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia, and regional seismic interpretations in Norway. He has worked 6 OCS lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico, and began working the "current shelf" pre-salt play before 1992. He has interpreted 3-D’s in Nigeria, Venezuela, Australia, and onshore, offshore, and sub-salt Gulf of Mexico. In many of these projects, Dan was also heavily involved in the design of acquisition and processing parameters. He also taught courses for Mobil in advanced workstation techniques, and seismic stratigraphy.

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