"Quality Interpretation for Quality Prospects"


           silicone.gif (2185 bytes)
Silicone Graphics Indigo 2XL workstation
128 MB RAM
Dual 20" Color Monitors
6 GB Disk Memory

       sunlogo.gif (2785 bytes)
Sun MicroSystems Sparc 20 with dual 150 MHz CPU
256 MB RAM
48 GB Disk Memory
Dual 20" Color Monitors                                                         

Sun MicroSystems Ultra 1
256 MB Ram
Dual 20" Color Monitors
6 GB Disk Memory

Color Plotters       
Hewlett Packard 650 36" Design Jet 
Hewlett Packard 2000 CN Design Jet Printer
Hewlett Packard 1200 Post Script Desk Jet       
Seiko CH5514

        hplogo.gif (2382 bytes)
Hewlett Packard  PCs
XU Vectra PC 200  MHz II with Dual 17" Color Monitors
XU Kayak PC 300 MHz with 20" Color Monitor
10 GB Disk Memory

Hewlett Packard Networking

          100 mbit/sec Network
We use Landmark Graphics® software for the interpretation of 3-D and 2-D seismic surveys, generation of synthetic seismograms, loading seismic and geologic data, and model building. GMA® for synthetic seismograms, AVO, and stratigraphic modeling.  ArcView® for mapping and data base manipulation, is used as well.


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